If you know me, you know I preach internal wellness for skin health. After all, the way our body functions from within affects every aspect of our wellbeing. That's why supplements are a KEY player in my overall health, and that includes my skin.

Organic Olivia's Liver Juice is one of my key supplements for healthy detoxification and clear skin. This tincture is carefully formulated with organic ingredients, such as dandelion root extract, Oregon Grape Root and burdock root extract, each playing an important part in assisting your body to function optimally. This magnificent recipe provides you with nutrients needed to maintain healthy liver function while also helping to flush out toxins from your system.

The liver is the largest organ in the body and it’s responsible for filtering toxins from the blood, storing vitamins and minerals, synthesizing proteins, breaking down waste products, regulating hormones, controlling blood sugar levels and producing bile.

Many people are unaware of how important a healthy liver is to their overall health. A sluggish liver can lead to skin problems such as acne or eczema. It can also cause other health issues such as depression or chronic fatigue. Whether you struggle with ongoing acne, or hormonal breakouts, Liver Juice can help you! For general detoxification, it can be taken daily in between meals, and for hormonal breakouts it is recommended 8-10 days before your cycle.

(P.S.-- It's also incredibly helpful for those who struggle with seasonal allergies)

This tincture, along with healthy lifestyle habits, a good probiotic, are a great way to get both detoxification and glowing skin from within. A wonderful skincare routine and a great esthetician, will help you boost those results topically.

The Bar community shares stories of their journeys towards self-love through self-care.

This series was created as a way to share the stories I have the privilege of hearing day in and day out. The stories of confidence, the stories of bold moves, the wins, the growth, the joy, and most importantly the daily developing self-love.

This story comes from one of my most supportive, generous, and thoughtful clients. I'll always share the fond memory of being together when we found out that Tr*mp lost, as we heard bells and yells from the window during the middle of her facial. That was a beautiful day, and every session that followed was just as fond.

She says, "Before The Bar, I really didn't know what self-care was. It wasn't until I got my first facial that I realized "Wow! This is what happens when you show yourself some love!" As time passed and I kept up with a facial routine, I started having more conversations with Bren. Bren always spoke about what you put in your body is what you'll get out of it - another aspect of self-care that was foreign to me.

I figured I would give it a try and started eating better, exercising again, and doing what filled my soul with joy. My body, mindset, and skin flourished as a result. I started having more confidence, appreciating the little things, and was just overall happier.

Fast forward two years later and here I am doing celery juice challenges and feeling my absolute best mentally and physically. I can't imagine life without self-care and it's all thanks to that first facial, a friendly face, and the dope community of The Bar"

I love that for you <3

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