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Happy Monday! #TheBarMCMs are our Male C



Licensed Esthetician, Brenda Varela founded The Bar as an effort to change the worldwide stigmas that skincare is a luxury, that is solely restricted to one gender. 
After all, regardless of race, religion, age, or gender; skin is our commonality. Our skin is our canvas, and with it we express ourselves in many ways. Our goal is to bring quality services for all, as an effort to encourage confidence through self-care.  

The Bar is a Latina-owned small business in Brooklyn, founded & self-funded by a first-generation Ecuadorian-American woman with a dream to bring self-care to all.

The dream of combining activism, her degrees in Mental Health, her passion for skincare, and the importance of inclusivity and diversity seemed like a random concoction, but the truth is they are all interconnected. The Bar focuses on more than just skin & our community is what keeps us going. 

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