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Achieve Your Skin Goals

Personalized Skincare at The Bar Skincare Studio

At The Bar Skincare, we specialize in providing personalized skincare solutions for skin of color, acne, hyperpigmentation, and reversing signs of aging or what we like to call positive-aging. With years of experience and certifications from leading brands, we offer a truly customized experience that prioritizes your skin's health. Our private skincare studio, conveniently located in Long Island City, NYC, is a haven where you can rejuvenate your skin and nurture your overall well-being. Here, self-love is the priority.

Why Customization matters

Personalized skincare addresses specific skin concerns, such as treating skin of color with care, acne, hyperpigmentation, signs of aging, and the overall health of your skin. Our expertise lies in providing customized treatments and routines that have a positive impact on your overall look and feel of your skin.

Top-performing Skincare Treatments + Products

We offer a range of advanced skincare treatments, including DMK Enzyme Therapy, BioRePeel Cl3®, NeoLifting® facial massage, and more. These treatments are designed to address various skin concerns and help you achieve your skincare goals. We also offer high-performance Skinbetter products that can transform your skincare routine and deliver noticeable results. The Bar Skincare owner and lead esthetician, Bren is constantly researching and training with top-of-the-line brands, in order to bring you the absolute best on the market.

A Zen Studio Experience

Our skincare studio provides an inclusive and welcoming environment. Bren holds certifications from leading skincare brands and is committed to providing the best skincare solutions. To start your skincare journey with us, you can book a treatment or a virtual consultation. Inclusivity is a leading priority in the wellness we offer to our clients, and that includes being able to offer you care, whether you can make it to NYC or not.

Our Reviews speak for themselves

The Bar has helped numerous clients achieve their skin goals. Our testimonials speak volumes about the effectiveness of our treatments and the positive transformations our clients have experienced. Check us out on Google !

Stay Connected and Stay Informed

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Achieving your skin goals is possible with personalized skincare solutions and expertise, offered by us at The Bar Skincare Studio. Whether you visit our Queens studio or book a virtual consultation, you're taking the first step towards healthier, radiant skin.



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