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SERIES: Your Self at The Bar

The Bar community shares stories of their journeys towards self-love through self-care.

This series was created as a way to share the stories I have the privilege of hearing day in and day out. The stories of confidence, the stories of bold moves, the wins, the growth, the joy, and most importantly the daily developing self-love.

Our first entry or self-proclaimed thesis, comes from Griselle; a makeup junkie, sandwich enthusiast & skincare lover. Enjoy!

Do you ever have so much to say that you literally have no idea how to say it but also want to say everything at once?? Yeah, me too.

I guess I’ll start with my personal journey into skincare. I’m a makeup junkie who went so far down the beauty rabbit hole that my skincare often times got neglected. I mean, don’t get me wrong I washed my face and slapped on moisturizer but that’s as far as it went for me. I’d also buy things but I had no idea if it’s what my skin needed and usually was never consistent. I never had any serious acne so I assumed I was doing fine (and my parents never really had acne so genetics??) - then I hit twenty-something . No one tells you (or prepares you rather) that as you get older, what may work for you then won’t necessarily serve you in the future (and yes honey, that applies to more than just skincare - the girls who get it, get it). I entered adulthood with a plethora of knowledge in makeup application but so damn little on how to preserve my skin for it. That’s when I met Bren at The Bar.

Physical self love is probably my favorite form of self love because - I don’t have to get into this do I? Ya’ll know. After years of living in Brooklyn, scouring Instagram pages and esthetician trial and error, I finally found someone who gets me and doesn't stress me out about how dry my face is. Imagine stepping into a space where you’re immediately relaxed, someone is there to guide you, accept you as you are and just vibe. That’s truly the best way that I can describe my experience at The Bar.

Bren is incredible at creating an environment where questions are married with intentional education. She welcomes curiosity and never misplaces trust. This is what makes an excellent esthetician. The reality is, no matter where you are in your skincare journey, not knowing how to treat your skin can be vulnerable. What makes it less scary, is finding someone who not only understands that but also wants to help at your own pace.

My first session with Bren, I just wanted her to tell me what to do. I was honestly just exhausted at the idea of a skincare routine and no longer wanted to experiment. I needed to know how much damage I had done. I needed help and I wanted to learn. Not only did Bren ask questions about what’s realistic for me (remember, I didn’t do much before ) but taught me about my over exfoliated, broken moisture barrier face. She provided me with product suggestions, facial cadence and a fire music playlist. She checked boxes I didn’t even know I wanted. I never felt shamed or judged but rather uplifted and confident. She never pushed any products on me or made me feel like i needed to throw everything out, instead she TAUGHT ME. What my skin was reflecting, how I can nurture it and honestly, made me so comfortable I didn’t want to leave! Bren also appreciates a good sandwich and I honestly have never connected with anyone more over cold cuts loI I left that day with an entire skin routine and in a month I saw incredible improvement.

All of this is to say, The Bar experience isn’t a place that wants to upsell you, rush your service or make you feel bad about the skin you’re in. It’s a place that uplifts you and leaves you feeling more confident to keep going. I don’t ever see myself going elsewhere and look forward to talking more sandwiches and skin at The Bar.

Do you have a story of self love you want to share?

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