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SERIES: Your Self at The Bar

The Bar community shares stories of their journeys towards self-love through self-care.

This series was created as a way to share the stories I have the privilege of hearing day in and day out. The stories of confidence, the stories of bold moves, the wins, the growth, the joy, and most importantly the daily developing self-love.

The second entry comes from a client who's been coming to me since I was starting out in a tiny side room in my apartment. Our relationship blossomed into a friendship, as we survived all the changes the world has brought us in the past few years. The one thing that always remained, was the undying commitment to loving her skin through all it's changes. Who knew that would develop into an all-encompassing concept of love and acceptance of self? "I had never in a bajillion years imagined being comfortable enough in my skin to snap a selfie and go. It was always constant delete, delete, delete because I couldn’t see past the blemishes or the scars. Little did I know that meeting Bren and booking my appointment to The Bar in March 2019 would change everything I thought I knew about skincare but most importantly, my outlook on beauty.

After that facial, nothing was the same. I was investigating products and their ingredients. I was sticking to a routine through Bren’s guidance. It was just so easy to trust her. I went through it all with her by my side. As time progressed and COVID came along, I was afraid that all our hard work would go to waste. But as per usual, Bren knew exactly how to continue to support her loyal customers and we found ways to keep the glow going.

Fast forward a bit to the end of 2020 when I decided to try out the DMK enzyme treatment, or as I called it, the "Handsome Squidward facial". By far, the treatment was absolutely worth it and further solidified that The Bar was the place for me. Not just for my skincare but also because I had finally learned to appreciate the love and care I had put into my skin since I met Bren.

There really aren’t enough words for me to say but truly, I am so grateful for The Bar, so grateful for what Bren has done for my self worth.

Thank you for showing me that I am the STAR of my selfies and not the pimples."

Do you have a story of self love you want to share?

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