Don't Pick on Yourself Pimple Patches

Tackle your toughest pimples, now!


Our 100% hydrocolloidal pimple patches are nearly invisible and fully invincible. Have a breakout? Stick a little patch on it, check back in 6+ hours & watch it disappear. 


Our box carries 72 new opportunities for you to build healthier habits around your skin.

We get it, not picking your face is REALLY hard. But, in order to prevent scarring and hyperpigmentation- patch it up, forget about it, and let our patches do all the work. 

These patches have been proven to make pimples disappear and prevent pigmentation.


An item for self-improvement


10% of our profits go towards the Pick Me Foundation (@pickingmefdn), the only donor-supported nonprofit dedicated to advocating Dermatillomania (Skin Picking Disorder).

Don't Pick on Yourself Pimple Patches


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