(for dull skin)

Facial add-on

This active herbal treatment is perfect for mature, uneven or problem skin. Paprika rejuvenates the skin, while the other active ingredients, including St. John’s Wort, sage, lavender and honey, work to soothe and restore the skin’s appearance.

*Skin appears rosey for 30 mins post treatment*

intensive aftercare

Facials / Brows / Lashes add-on

Targeted towards anti-inflammation, soothing, & acne-prone skin. 

(for aging skin)

Facial add-on

This naturally exfoliating peel cleanses pores deeply & tones the look of skin. The combination of blueberry juice, raspberry juice, blackberry juice & pineapple extract is high in vitamins & antioxidants that will nourish & refresh your skin improving  the appearance of your skin’s texture. *Skin appears rosey for 30 minutes post treatment*

"REALLY jelly"
brightening complex

Facials / Brows / Lashes add-on

Targeted towards hyperpigmentation, melasma, evening complexion, & illumination. 

(for congested skin)

Facial add-on

The Mangosteen 10% Professional Lactic Acid Peel provides a complete surface and pore-refining treatment by removing impurities and dead skin cells while minimizing pores and smoothing the look of skin.

This revitalizing peel is self-neutralizing and non-irritating, even for sensitive skin.


No down time!


Facials / Brows / Lashes add-on

Targeted towards dullness, dryness, uneven texture, fine lines,& anti-aging. 

(for acneic skin)

Facial add-on

This treatment benefits all skin types by detoxifying skin, opening pores, eliminating toxins and increasing circulation. It includes ingredients to fight off bacteria, ivy for vitamin C, sage to tone and heal, and berries to stimulate and refresh skin.


*Skin may appear rosey for 30 mins post treatment*



*Part of DOPE FACED facial*

Targeted towards rosacea, psoriasis, acne, sensitivity, and redness. 



Facial add-on

Client may choose led light therapy as an add-on, to help with healing or preventing breakouts after a facial. 

Perfect for reducing down time after microneedling and for preventing breakouts after dermaplaning. 



Facial add-on

Perfect for those looking to boost their facial with the derma planing option, which uses a medical grade scalpel to deeply exfoliate and remove dead skin from the outermost layer of your face.


Facial add-on

Uses  low-voltage electrical currents (hence 'micro' current), which mirror your own body's electrical currents, on a cellular level to repair damaged skin, tighten and contour muscles, & stimulate collagen and elastin production. Recommended once a week, for ultimate results.


(for hyperpigmentation)

Facial add-on

Antioxidant refines and evens skin tone and assists with hyper pigmentation. Exfoliates skin without irritation, infuses the skin with active vitamins and bioflavonoids, deeply hydrates & plumps the skin, stimulates collagen production, and has anti-aging benefits

*Not for those with active acne